Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best way to book a Photobooth

A    You can go to our booking now page and fill out the form or email us at or you can text or call us on 040862410

Q How many photos can the guests take

  Unlimited photos can be taken during the event

Q Can you see yourself before you take the photo

A   You can see yourself on the monitor 5 seconds before the photo is taken

Q When do you Deliver the Photo booth

   We will arrange with your venue and you to see the best time. We are normally set up an hour before your event.

Q Are the Photos printed out instantly

   Yes the photos will take about 10 seconds to print out.

Q Does my Package include a Booth attendant

A    Yes, our packages include a booth attendant

Q Do you provide props

A    We sure do! We have a great range of props and try to match the props to go with your event

Q How much room do I need for the Photobooth

A    I recommend 3m x 3m, even though the booth is only 2m x 1.5m it allows room for the prop table and for your guests to queue

Q Is there any requirement the booth needs

A    We require 240 v 10 amp power (standard power point)

Q How far do you travel

A    We travel all around Sydney, Wollongong and the Blue Mountains.

There maybe a travel fee for Wollongong and Blue Mountains.

Please contact us for more information

Q How many copies do you print out

    We print out 2 copies, 1 copy will go into the guest book the other is given to your guest.

Q How many people fit into the Photo booth

A    With an enclosed photo booth we can fit around 12 people into the booth, as long as there is room behind the booth for everyone to move back. With an open booth and our larger enclosures we have more space at the sides and we can fit bigger groups in by widening the camera out.