360 Video Photobooth Sydney

Wow your guests with Hills 360 Video booth. This booth is great entertainment. Fantastic for Parties, Product Launches, Corporate Events, Weddings, Engagements and anyone that wants to make sure their event is one to remember with fun and enjoyment.


Welcome to Hills 360 Video booth, your ultimate destination for entertainment and capturing unforgettable videos. Our 360 Booth the largest platform, a massive 46 inches, accommodating up to 6 people to ensure everyone enjoys the fun. With exciting features like Animated overlays, Digitals Props, Sound Track upload, Slow-mo, Fully battery operated and event Corporate branding, our 360 Video Booth offers everything you could ask for and more! Get ready for an extraordinary experience that will leave you with cherished memories.

Photo Booth hire Sydney
360 video booth Sydney
360 booth Sydney hire


4K High-Quality Video

Colour changing LED Lighting
Custom Background music
Animated Overlays
Professional Lighting
Digtal Props
Slow Mo 360
Battery Opperated if needed
High-resoultion dowload link
Video booth operator
Free setup & Packdown
Requirements: 4m x 4m of space



Wanting more? Add on some extras!

Red Carpet & Bollards $100
Audio Guest Book $300
GIF photo booth with printing $200 per hour* minimum 3 hours
Roaming Photographer $100 per hour
Smoke Machine $100
Confetti bucket $100
What is a 360 Video Booth?

A 360 Photo Booth is a spinning video platform that captures memories in real time with short videos that can be shared on instantly on social or SMS

How does a 360 Video booth work?

Step 1: Step onto the platform and get prepared.

Step 2: The 360 Booth will spin around you up to 10 seconds while you bust a move.

Step 3 : The video will be edited on the spot and allow you to save and share it onto social media or camera roll

What is the difference between a Traditional Photo Booth vs 360 Video Booth

The Traditional Photo Booth focuses on capturing high-quality photos, perfect for creating lasting memories that will be cherished forever.
On the other hand, the 360 Video Booth offers a new and innovative experience, allowing you to capture the event through digital short films created on the spot. Unlike a regular photo booth where you receive small printouts, the 360 Video Booth sends your video directly to your mobile phone, enabling instant sharing with your friends and family. Embrace the excitement of this modern twist and relive the event’s highlights in cinematic style.

What kind of customisation options are available?

A 360 Video Booth offers a wide range of customisation options to enhance your experience and align the booth with your event’s theme and style.

1. Animated Overlays: Add dynamic and fun animated overlays to your videos, making them visually engaging and unique.
2. Digital Props: Enhance your videos with digital props, such as hats, glasses, and other fun accessories, allowing guests to get creative and playful.
3. Soundtrack Upload: Choose your preferred music or audio track to your video
4. Slow-Mo Effect 
5. Branding: Incorporate corporate branding elements, such as logos or graphics, to personalise the videos and promote your brand or event.
6. Sharing Options: Soical media, SMS, Airdrop

Can I share my 360 Videos on social media

Yes, 360 Video Booth are shareable on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and snapchat

How much space of I need to book a 360 Video Booth?

Our 360 Video booth requires a minimum of 4m x 4m space